Bill Welbourne is the author of acclaimed travelogues: Cruising the Latin Tapestry, a masterly depiction of extraordinary South America, and Pilgrimage to Crete, featuring his visit to historical battlefields of the Eastern Mediterranean and Central Europe.

His latest book, PRISONERS of the THIRD Reich… a Sapper’s Story, is a remarkable biography of his uncle, ‘Arty’ Dawson, a Sapper engineer, who served his country in WWII. This gripping true story provides a valuable historical insight into life as an Australian, living in the conflicting first half of the twentieth century. It is a salute to the brave soldiers who suffered the travails of life as POWs under the NAZI regime. In this authentic story, Welbourne presents a skillful account of his uncle’s daring escapes, privations, adventures and love trysts following his capture in the Battle for Crete in 1941.